Typically, juggling an intense work schedule and a brand-new baby would end in disaster. But, when you’ve got a supportive hubby, an understanding work team and a work assignment to stay in a brand new luxury Gold Coast hotel, things have a way of working themselves out.

Such was the reality for Channel Nine’s Getaway host and former Hi-5 star, Charli Robinson, when she visited The Ruby Apartments earlier this year. Duty called the new mum to our humble abode – which will be featured on the Getaway TV show – and, naturally, her husband Liam Talbot and two-month old daughter, Kensington, came along with her.

“Filming with Getaway is a dream job, and it’s wonderful visiting many hotels across the world, but having the opportunity to film at a brand new resort in my home town of the Gold Coast was something I was really looking forward to,” Charli says. “Even more so that it was my first time back to work after having our baby girl, Kensington. It was perfect that The Ruby Apartments is a family-friendly resort so the space in the rooms with all the homely comforts was perfect for us!”

While her time at The Ruby Collection (as recorded on her Instagram profile) had her lounging by the pool and staring at wine and cheese spreads, Charli’s favourite part of her stay was no doubt snuggling her new bub in-between takes and simply enjoying living in the lap of luxury.

“My partner, Liam, and I were honestly blown away with the staff at Ruby – they are so friendly and accommodating,
always ready to assist their guests without hesitation. The resort was so safe and had everything you could possibly need (there’s a grocery store in the lobby!) so Liam never needed to leave. Plus the delicious in-room menu meant after work I was able to relax upstairs with Kensington and Liam.

“The resort was just so convenient and also so stylish! We loved the pool area and lobby plus the room lay out was perfect for our stay, so much so we’ve booked a return visit already!” Charli says.

“In a nutshell, Ruby is family friendly but with the style and expectations of a highend resort – we highly recommend it!”

From spending quality time with her beautiful family to making memories with her Getaway team – who she thanked on Insta for their understanding when she had to express breast milk in a few random places (dressing rooms, an opal store and “in the Jeep” were just some locations she made mention of!) – we reckon Charli’s time at Ruby won’t be forgotten soon.