Gold Coast local and artist extraordinaire, Tracie Eaton has really hit the ground running in recent months, hitting the US with impressive impact. Not only has her work gained national recognition, she can now start calling herself ‘artist to the stars’ with her art attaining international acknowledgement and respect.

In fact, ‘artist to the stars’ almost doesn’t cover it. This superstar creative is having her artwork inserted into the 2019 Golden Globe and Oscars gift bags. The bags will be supplied to nominated actors and actresses at the Four Seasons Hotel – where most of the stars will be staying.

Tracie is committed to bringing Australian Art to the rest of the world.  Australia is known for musicians and actors and Tracie wants to expand people’s awareness to the amazing visual arts created, at home here, in our beautiful country.  Tracie wants to achieve this through showcasing the beauty of Australia through the use of colours, textures and the abstract landscapes inspired by our country – painting with purpose she calls it.

Suddenly, shooting for the moon has a new meaning. We sat down with Tracie and picked her brain on everything from Chris Hemsworth, charities, awards, and of course, art.

How do you feel about meeting local stars? 

Great actually! My focus is to connect with Australian ambassadors and celebrities, in particular Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth. I feel they are brilliant advocates for Australia so it would be a great fit to work together and continue to encourage the visibility of Australian arts – in all forms.

How did you come about to get this super cool job? 

I was provided the contact of one of the Directors of Celebrity and Hollywood Gifting – who are one of only a few companies that gift for award ceremonies in the US. I am only one of two Australian Artists ever to gift and I was interested in part because of the exclusivity of this.  Following the company reviewing me, my brand and of course my work, we agreed to work together. All artwork is now in the US.  We find out a couple days after each award ceremony who has received the gifts so that will be very exciting!

What artwork are you including in the gift bags?  

I created a very specific range.

One practical consideration was size – both for freighting of product and of course to fit within the swag bag they are given. As such, the Petite Range of Tracie Eaton Originals was born!  Each piece is 28cm x 28cm in size, designed to be hung – individually, as a medley, or placed on a desk, mantle or book shelf.

Over 50 originals have been painted, each one completely unique and all provided with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Additionally, we have gifted an opportunity for the gift recipients to have an artwork created specifically for them.

I am very used to painting large pieces so it was an experience in itself to paint something so small. In saying that though, I really loved seeing how much energy each and every piece held.

The pieces are all inspired by life on the Gold Coast.  I want them to feel a little of what living in such a stunning, cool place feels like – Aussie style.

Tracie is incredibly excited about this venture as not only will it provide immense exposure of her brand in the US, it is a perfect opportunity to present Gold Coast and Australian art to the global stage.

Just this week (11/12/18), it was confirmed Tracie has been offered a spot in the 2019 Logies and the 2019 Emmys, so it really is a very exciting time for her.  She has been selling internationally for 9 years, and to have this opportunity presented for ongoing exposure and to export Aussie products globally… well, it’s incredibly exciting for both her, and Australian art in general!

To learn more about Tracie or if you are in the market to purchase her artwork, please visit

The Tracie Eaton brand donates funds from art sales to Support the Girls charity which supports women in need following domestic violence, abuse, financial crisis and homelessness.