When two families come together as one, you’re left with double the love, but also double the numbers, and of course, double the daily duties.

So while hearts are full and love comes in abundance, the couple at the head of the tribe are often left with little time for romantic escapes.

With five children between us, adult time for my partner and I is generally a sneaky champers and a movie after 9pm when the rest of the house is finally asleep.

So when time does become available to make a real-life escape, making the most of that time is imperative.

Which is why a long weekend at The Ruby Collection was so perfect.

With just two child-free nights up our sleeve, we had limited time to fit in all the things that couples-in-love crave – romance, fine dining, fun and relaxation. And of course, time alone.

And we were able to achieve all that, without stepping foot inside a moving vehicle. In fact, we barely left the venue at all.

Less than an hour’s drive from home, we arrived to find state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to self-check-in at the digital concierge quickly and easily, without wasting time lining up.

At the same time, numerous ambassadors wandered around, all offering enormous smiles and plenty of assistance to guests as they made their way through.

From there, it was up to our room – the perfect combination of luxury and practicality.

Self-contained, the one-bedroom apartment oozed modern indulgence, with stunning ocean views, chromecast technology and quality design.

At time same time, easy access to cooking facilities, washer and dryer and cupboards aplenty meant we would be able to plan some quiet moments in, without sacrificing any of life’s conveniences.

In fact, within ten minutes of arrival, we’d prepared ourselves a delicious cheese platter, poured a couple of glasses of wine, and sat down together on the private balcony, overlooking beautiful Surfers Paradise beach.

Time slipped away, and we were able to enjoy the romance of watching the sunset together, before getting ready for dinner.

As parents of five, our life involves a lot of driving, so the thought of driving around the Gold Coast looking for a place for dinner wasn’t appealing.

At the same time, with burgers and spaghetti heavy on the home menu, fine dining is what we were after.

We headed to The Ruby Collection’s onsite restaurant, Stones Bar and Grill, which offered both a beautiful environment and a spectacular menu.

Fantastic live music created a romantic and chilled out atmosphere, allowing us the time to talk, each and really connect with each other.

A few cocktails made the night fly by before a quick lift upstairs to call it a night.

After enjoying the extra few hours of sleep in the morning, it was downstairs for breakfast, where there was a choice of continental buffet or hot meals by order.

With the sun blazing, we stepped outside and over to the luxury pool, where we could enjoy the rays while keeping cool, laying on the resort’s submerged lounges.

The ability to simply do nothing together, in luxurious surroundings, knowing we were less than an hour from the children should they need us, allowed us to genuinely relax and unwind as a couple.

After a couple of hours of relaxation, we decided to head out for a bit of fun, so a quick walk across the road took us to the local Putt Putt, giving us time to laugh and just be together.

A stroll down the road and we were in the heart of Surfers Paradise, where we took some time for a drink and a bite to eat, before heading back to the peace and quiet of The Ruby Collection to ensure more live music, cocktails and the ambiance of the modern luxury.

Our romantic getaway was rounded out by another sleep in, a delicious breakfast, and a few drinks by the pool.

For us, the ability to be close to home, while feeling a million miles away was invaluable. The lavishness of the accommodation, coupled with the conveniences of the gym, sauna and steam room, along with the store, bar, restaurants and facilities provided a truly adult escape, allowing us to connect as a couple.

The perfect spot for a honeymoon, proposal or just a way to escape and reconnect with the one you love.

Content Written by Nicole Madigan of Stella Communications on behalf of The Ruby Collection