When The Ruby Apartments open next week, guests purchasing takeaway coffee at the Terrace Café, will be enjoying their favourite cup of black liquid gold in brand new biodegradable cups.

These takeaway cups are being purchased from BioPak, with 1% of profits going to Rainforest Rescue in Australia and Forest & Bird New Zealand, 2.5% to carbon offsets and 4% going to charity events and organisations.

BioCups are coated with IngeoTM a plant-based bioplastic that can be commercially composted.

By choosing to use BioCups rather than plastic cups, The Ruby Collection will be helping to decrease the use of crude oil used to make plastic, and will be creating compost rather than contributing to the ever increasing amount of non-biodegradable rubbish that is environmentally destructive.

CEO of The Ruby Collection, David Brook says the decision to start using biodegrable cups was an easy one.

“We have chosen BioCups because protecting and preserving the environment is so important and quite easy to acheive,” said David.

“Not only do these cups create a positive change in the environment, but they are also good for our business.

“There has been an increase in demand from travellers wanting to holiday in hotels and resorts that have adopted environmentally friendly practices. The BioCups are a perfect fit for The Ruby Apartments and we’ve chosen the BioCup Art series which fits in with our aim to appreciate and celebrate the natural beauty that is all around us.”

The Ruby Apartments will offer a new level of customer service not seen before on the Gold Coast.  With a state of the art fitout and an exciting array of entertainment for all guests, the Ruby Apartments are setting a new level in Gold Coast apartment holidays.