The Best Time to Visit the Gold Coast, Australia

South-East Queensland’s sunny holiday hotspot has long been a favourite getaway destination for people not only all over Australia but internationally as well, in large part due to its consistently enjoyable weather and extensive array of beaches coupled with a number of family-oriented tourist attractions that help set it apart from other popular spots.

Stretching along an expansive length of coastline that provides ample opportunities to enjoy marine and waterfront activities, but with an inland area that also brims with lush greenery just a short drive away, and all rounded out with one of Australia’s most lively nightlife scenes – and there’s little wonder such a versatile destination as the Gold Coast is a hit for all ages.

Tamborine National Park

One of the city’s main selling points is its average of 300 days of sunshine per year, which allows visitors an extended window of time to take a potential holiday to the Gold Coast. This is a big advantage over many other regions in Australia that have periods where the weather tends to spike either unseasonably hot or cold, wet or dry and can restrict ideal travel times to a fairly limited time frame the Gold Coast’s lack of major peaks and valleys outside of the absolute middle of both winter and summer is a huge draw card for many that list weather as a high priority for a holiday.

But even out of this larger window, there are certain periods on the Gold Coast that are more desirable than others. So when, exactly, is the best time of year to visit the Gold Coast? When combining a number of factors such as temperature, events, school holidays, pricing and more, it’s our recommendation that the April, May crossover period is the best time of year to visit the Gold Coast.