“All about that time Mummy Muckups popped on her Ruby Slippers and visited the wondrous Land of Oz…or The Ruby Collection GC.”

It was like a dream.

Our recent visit to the Ruby Collection on the Gold Coast was everything that we had hoped for and more.

Like magic, our flight touched down on The Gold Coast and the scenery of our everyday life suddenly changed from a drab black and white to dazzling technicolor. It had been a whirlwind just getting to this point. As a mum, I was like a tornado sorting clothes, packing cases, booking airport parking, hiring a car and all the other gazillion jobs that go into the preparation for a family holiday.

But walking in to the foyer of the hotel, a strange sense of peace surrounded me. Yes, it was a strange land far, far away from my home, but it was bright and airy and oh so beautiful. The Ruby Collection is new to the skyline of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Located only a few blocks back from the beach, you are only a walk away from all that Surfers has to offer.

Check-in was so incredibly easy. With two wriggling kids who were excited to get this holiday started, the self service station was simple and fast. Of course, we had barely set foot inside before one of the ambassadors (staff/concierge/all around legend) was beside us ready to help. No queues. No time in the sun wasted. And of course, I will not forget the incredibly wise touch of a kind fairy who placed a delightful welcome ‘William Bear’ biscuit in the hands of the tired kids.

We were ready for The Emerald City.

With my Ruby Slippers on (or holiday havaianas) we followed the yellow brick road up to our 2 bedroom apartment. My son needed courage as we climbed higher in the lifts. My daughter needed brains as she insisted on slapping sticky fingers all over the glistening walls. My husband required a heart-y red wine to relax and I was simply looking for a place to call home for a few days.

We found it all here. The apartment was so spacious and had everything we needed for a family break away. Drying rack, bathroom kiddy step, melamine cups (and wine glasses), washing machine and dryer, and even a game of dominoes. The in-room tablet is your connection to everything you need for your stay. Needing food, a babysitter, the list of daily activities? Everything can be found and arranged with a few quick taps.

The view was simply stunning. We threw our bags down and skipped straight to the balcony. Water everywhere. Ocean, waterways, pools. Di-vine!!! Our bedroom also had a view…and an ensuite and a TV. The kids hit their room and made it their own (ie: upended bags, placed teddies on beds and got straight into their bathers, leaving a trail of dirty clothes). It felt like home already.

Now the adventures truly began. So much to do; so little time! I had checked out the online calendar of ‘What’s On’ before leaving and had already booked the kids in for a few activities. I was NOT going to miss out on Kids Club. Obviously activities change daily and are dependent on the dates that you are staying. The Ruby has access to so much for both the kids and the adults all day long. I grabbed the chance to outsource a slime making session and my two munchkins were thrilled to take part in a Teddy Bear Making Session. A number of these activities are at an extra cost and there is a charge for Kids Club, but in my humble opinion, PRICELESS! There are movies nights, trivia quizzes, hair braiding and so much more. If you don’t want to leave the area, you simply don’t have to.

Let’s be real. A holiday with kids is incomplete without a winged monkey tantrum or two, but the promise of a swim in the sunshine works wonders. The Ruby has a Waterpark that is perfect for the children. There are tipping buckets and water slides and fountains splurting everywhere at random intervals. I do believe my husband had as much fun as the kids. There are ‘pirates’ strolling pool side and tug of war comps and dance-offs.

I watched on from the more calming waters of the pool and the spa. And when all of this got too much, we could retreat to the quiet haven of The Ruby plunge pool. Sunken lounges and a cheeky cosmopolitan delivered by Glinda my good fairy; I really had found myself somewhere over the rainbow.

The food options were perfect. Stones Bar and Grill had a great range of delicious options to choose from. From a lobster risotto to a smoked duck breast prepared by chefs and served by attentive wait staff, it also proved family friendly. There was a menu for the kids and colour in sheets and pencils were fast delivered to our wrigglers. It was such a treat to dine in the alfresco area and enjoy the balmy night. The Laksa was pretty sensational.

By morning, this area was transformed to a bustling breakfast pit stop. Though you could order all the cooked options from the kitchen, the continental breakfast was exactly what we needed. [I now have two kids expecting bagels for breakfast with all of the condiments, a side of fresh fruit and yoghurt, and a selection of fresh pastries from my own kitchen. Dreaming.] The Terrace Cafe is conveniently located in the foyer for a quick selection of cakes, coffees, toasties, shakes and loads more. Finally, The Pantry is exactly that. A small shop that has what you need; wine, chocolate, chips, and the rest. Really well priced and so handy when you just want to nick up to your room for a little snack or for a movie treat after dinner.

ust like Dorothy, I succumbed to the scent of the poppies…well, not quite. The divine signature scent of The Ruby Apartments wraps itself luxuriously around you. It is soon easily recognisable as coming ‘home’ when you slide through the doors after being out. I’m sure it genuinely had a magical calming effect on my kids. The Great and Powerful Oz (aka The Ruby Collection) truly have thought of everything.

It was time.

It was the moment to click my Ruby Slippers together three times and head back to Kansas…or Melbourne. But the journey had been so incredibly worth it. I was feeling relaxed and I had taken time out to be with my people who loved me. I was heading back stronger, rejuvenated and with the knowledge of an incredibly special place that I knew I could return to.

But had it all been a dream?

Friends; I assure you. It is all very real and this magical place is only a few clicks away for you right here.

The Ruby Collection
9 Norfolk Avenue
Surfers Paradise, Queensland
+617 5579 4488

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