Aside from creating all of the marketing and in-house materials  for this brand-new resort, the young designer was given the task of creating two resort mascots – William The Bear and Ruby Rocket.

When designing the characters, Dixie had to keep in mind that they were going to be made into teddy bear/doll size toys for guests to purchase and take home, as well as life-size characters that would meet and greet families at the resort.

We took some time out to get to know how Dixie came up with the designs for William The Bear and Ruby Rocket and also get an insight into what she enjoys doing when she switches off her creative brain and takes some time out.

What was your inspiration for William The Bear? I wanted to design something that would be considered a keepsake and be the most huggable bear to snuggle for both adults and kids.

What was the process of his development? We worked quite closely with the factory creating the teddy bears and our account representative Erika. We started off with a brief, they then sent a sample and from there we began perfecting every little detail like the shape of his ears the amount of stuffing in his belly, quality of material even the style of his bow tie. It was a lengthy process but we refused to sign off until we got it right.

How long did it take you to come up with the concept, design and create William The BearThe process took about 5 months from concept to creation.

What was your proudest moment when creating William The BearDefinitely when we received the delivery of our first 1000 Teddy bears.

How long have you been doing Graphic Design? 6 years


What qualities and skills should a graphic designer have? Creativity is a must. You must have the ability to be collaborative and always open to learning and pushing boundaries. 

What keeps you focused when designing? Crime podcasts (haha) – being able to tune out and focus on the details. The trick is not getting scared when people tap you on the shoulder.

Does creativity run in your family? Not Really

Where is your favourite Gold Coast Spot? The spit. Who doesn’t love puppies and the beach.

Complete this sentences: Only a Gold Coast local knows…..where to find the best donuts, acai bowls and dog friendly cafes.

Favourite Gold Coast restaurant? Easy House! If you’re a vegetarian and haven’t been there, it’s a must. Tip- wear loose pants.

You’re planning a fun, local night out with your mates? Which three locations top your list and why? I’m a bit of a nana these days so prefer to stay at home in my slippers with a bottle of wine.

What are you passionate about? I love design, creativity and original ideas.

What is your favourite activity/hobby outside of work? At the moment its pointed pen calligraphy and skateboarding.  I have injured myself doing both!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself? Every year for Easter I organise an Easter race for my family and friends. It’s a cross between The Amazing Race and Fear Factor. Last year’s event included cockroaches, live fish and worms and about 8k of running.

Who is your role model, and why? Katherine Sabbath, Camille Walala and Jemima Kingston. What I love most about these designers is that their work stemmed from their love of design and not the profitability of it. 

When have you been most satisfied in your life?  I would have to say that right now I’m really happy and blessed with what I have achieved. I am surrounded by the most supportive partner, family and friends.

What’s your spirit animal? A Manatee.  They are super chilled, vegetarian and eat all day.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a Plant Biologist and create new hybrid plants. Then I realised I could draw plants better than understand the biology of them.

What is your favourite quote and why? ”A person’s a person, no matter how small.” – Dr Seuss.  It’s a nice reminder of humility and acceptance.

If you retired tomorrow and wanted to start a wildly different second career, what would you do? A Prison Social worker or Professional Dog Walker or even better a Professional Prison Dog Walker.

Tell me about your proudest non-work achievement. Being the first in my family to Graduate.

Which is worse to regret: a mistake you made or not having tried something? I had a car accident wrote off my car and a year later had an accident in the same spot same time. I regret not driving the long way to work.