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Meet Our Mascots

Say Hello to Ruby Rocket & William the Bear

During any stay at The Ruby Collection, be welcomed by our two friendliest residents, Ruby Rocket and William the Bear. Our mascots embody the core values and guiding pillars of The Ruby Collection.


Caring and supportive, William the Bear serves to provide comfort in your home away from home. Sporting a ruby red bow tie, he can be found in plush form for purchase at the concierge or larger than life in live character shows and meet and greets at select events. You can also follow William on Instagram! #williamthebearadventures


New to the Ruby Collection family, meet the confident and curious Ruby Rocket. Ruby embodies the ultimate explorer always on the lookout for new adventures and knowledge. An inspiring female action hero for both boys and girls, Ruby Rocket can be found alongside William the Bear at special live events and, eventually, as a plush toy of her own! #rubyrocketadventures

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