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Ruby’s Art

Internationally renowned artist, Tracie Eaton

Tracie Eaton is an internationally renowned artist based on the Gold Coast, known for her individual and highly creative style characterised by her use of colour and texture.

Tracie’s brief was to create an original piece of art for every floor.  The installation needed to incorporate the colours and techniques to amplify the luxurious quality and experience that guests of the Ruby Apartments an expect.   Each piece needed to capture the natural landscape of the Gold Coast and also reflect the vibrancy and modern beauty which will sparkle in this precious gem.

Using an abstract design as a base, Tracie has incorporated texture, resin and fluid acrylic art, dry and wet brushing, foil leaf, pallet knifing into her paintings. 

“The base colour tones I have used range from mustards, greens, blues & turquoise to vivid reds.  Each colour evokes a different feeling.  Some of the created artworks are peaceful, wistful almost.  Others are a total burst of energy, vibrancy and happiness.  The similarity across all the artworks is a feeling of passion and zest for life which was critical in my mind when painting each piece.”

A collaboration between The Ruby Collection and local artist Tracie Eaton will help bring the Ruby vision to life.

CEO of the Ruby Apartments David Brook wanted every aspect of Ruby to be unique and that included the artwork.  “We wanted to work with a local artist who could create pieces that represented the fun, vibrancy and beauty of the Gold Coast. “We needed someone who also understood the needs of the tourism industry and someone who was as passionate about our brand as we were,” said David.

“I’ve simply loved working on this project and it will be an exciting day to see Ruby’s interior design and my art all come together.  I’m looking forward to that unveiling moment,” Tracie said.

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