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Welcome Ruby Ambassadors!

Employee Information

Congratulations on becoming a member of the team at The Ruby Collection Gold Coast! We are so grateful to our valued employees, who play a special, hands-on role in our success. 

Driven by the mantra, ‘We don’t do ordinary’, Ruby Ambassadors will embody a can-do spirit that delivers customers an unparalleled stay on the Gold Coast. For many of our Ambassador roles we don’t require specific expertise but rather invite you to bring to the table your own special qualities and skill set to deliver an exceptional guest experience in a job that is both varied and challenging - in the fulfilling fast-paced world of hotels. 

Our Values

The strength of any organisation is built on its core values and at Ruby we are clear about what matters holistically with our Group and our guests. We are guided by values such as:

Down to Earth | Joyful | Approachable | Thoughtful | Playful | Forward Thinking | Genuine

A Sparkling Personality

Our Ruby Collection Ambassadors all reflect a similar personality to the company at large. Fun and honest, inspiring and real; it is about ensuring our guests are enveloped in a hotel experience that stems from a cohesive and happy environment. It is more than just a well-appointed room and superior amenities; Ruby’s lifeblood is in its people and the experience they create to form the bedrock of sparkling memories that resonate across the years for our guests.

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